Getting Started with Content Marketing »

Learn how to use content marketing to win new and repeat business. Define your content marketing goals and develop a strategy. Then, build your email list, create and send your campaign, and measure your performance. Plus, publish articles to your PrestoBlog™.

The Most Effective Ways to Start a Sales Call »

Start conversations that sell your technology services. This guide shows you the right questions to ask to get clients talking — no matter the situation. Based on their responses, you can identify areas where your technical expertise can improve their business.

How to Write a Powerful White Paper »

White papers serve as a powerful sales tool used to promote your brand and inspire prospects to become buyers. By adding white papers to your online marketing strategy, you are validating your company's credibility and reinforcing your voice as an industry thought leader.

The 7 Biggest Mistakes IT Firms Make on Their Website »

Your website should be professional, uncluttered, and prepared to accommodate any request. Find out the seven common pitfalls that most IT companies on their website and how you can avoid making the same mistakes.

Becoming an Industry Thought Leader »

Set yourself apart from the masses by cultivating your industry reputation into one that will get you noticed and respected. This process of becoming a thought leader can help you increase your IT firm's visibility, reach new customers, and stand out from the noise of competitors.

Get the Word Out »

By spreading the word about your IT company online you can expand your reach to larger audiences, build brand recognition and credibility, and start to position your IT firm as a thought leader. This sharing of information and knowledge often results in life-long customers as well as referrals.

The Small IT Firm's Online Marketing Cheat Sheet »

Most online IT marketing firms today know that "content is king," but not all know where to begin when it comes time to creating and sharing content online. Discover how to create valuable content and share it with your clients online.