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Take the guesswork out of your lead management. Discover your audience's preferences with the help of Presstacular's activity timeline and Google Analytics integration. Then, nurture your leads with specific content that captures their attention and drives more sales.

  • Gain insight into audience behavior

    Gain insight into audience behavior

    View an activity timeline that reveals the interests of each member of your audience. Discover the article topics and calls to action that capture their attention. Then, build and target specific campaigns to maintain their engagement, or create smart call lists to start conversations that close sales.

    Gain the insight to improve lead nurturing and boost conversions.

  • Integrate with Google Analytyics

    Integrate with Google Analytics

    Add Google Analytics to your PrestoBlog™ and email campaigns to track conversion rates, sales generated, and clicks — all from your Google Analytics Dashboard. Gain key insights into the buying behavior of your customers. Then, act on those insights to boost sales.

    Make the most of your content marketing with Google Analytics integration.

  • Focus on the right leads

    Focus on the right leads

    Boost the efficiency of your sales funnel by identifying your warmest leads. Between Presstacular's activity timeline and your integration with Google Analytics, you'll learn everything you need to know to focus your energy on the right leads and drive more successful sales.

    Presstacular gives you the tools to reach your performance goals.